Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The secret dairy of a dry cleaned trouser - The Price War

$3.50 is the normal price we would pay for a coffee. Far enough. Involved in this process are coffee beans, milk, a Batista, a coffee machine and a cup. It should take around 1 - 2 minutes to make. For $3.50, that’s a fair price.

$7 is the price drycleaning@work charge to dryclean a pair of trousers. That’s a fair price. But whats involved in drycleaning a pair of trousers? Firstly this price includes free pick up and delivery. So a driver and a van, firstly. The pants are then tagged. Tag and person to tag. They are then drycleaned. Drycleaning machine, solvent, 1 hour. They are the spotted for stains. Qualified and experience drycleaner/spotter, spotting chemicals. They are then pressed. Press, Experienced presser. Finally they are sorted, covered with plastice and delivered. Plastic, Van, Driver.

All that for just $7. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Convenience and lifestyle. Accept only the best

Life feels as though its getting busier and busier. Work demands are at an all time high, with most managers expecting people to work well beyond the usual 9 - 5. Its not unusual to hear of people working well past 9 at night, getting home and still receiving emails at home. There are more events to attend, footy finals, birthdays, weddings…. The list goes on, and summer is only around the corner!

This crazy life makes it all the more important to choose services that can suit your needs. Make things more convenient for you. Dry-cleaning is no exception. Most local drycleaners close at 6 on weeknights, and are open only til 2pm on Saturday and are not even open on Sundays. How can you expect to have your shirts laundered or suits cleaned when the only time you can get to the drycleaners is Saturday mornings… don’t you deserve a sleep in on the weekend?|

There are many drycleaning businesses in Melbourne that pick up and deliver from you work! Drycleaning At Work. And they will even charge it to your credit card and give you a personal laundry bag. All you need to do is leave it at reception. How’s that for convenience. The drycleaning price is also low.

Ask yourself 1 question. With such a busy lifestyle why do you run around town trying to drop in your drycleaning before 6 when a drycleaner can pick it up and deliver it to your work, Its Simple, Smart & Convenient.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

drycleaning@work post on hot or not

Recently a customer of ours posted a blog on Melbourne Hot or Not

Chack it out!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Dry Clean Only. Do Wash. Do not Eat. Cool Iron. What?

Care labels are sn important tool for us drycleaners.
But occasionally some manufacturers can get it horribly wrong.

For example.
"Dry Clean only, Do not Wash, Do not Eat. Cool Iron"

Just in case you were wondering, YES, it said DO NOT EAT. Who would want to eat a floral silk dress I will never know.

An imitation unbranded fur jacket was labelled, 'Professional Furry Clean Only"

Some garments take on their own character. For example
"I am a delicate garment. Please take care of me"


"I have been hand stitched with only the finest cottons. Please hand wash me with care and dry clean me only if needed. But of course you already know that because your great"

Another great one : For best results, wash on a Tuesday"

I'd love to hear some great drycleaning stories (good or bad) or funy care labels.
Leave comments or email to david.hudson@drycleaningatwork.com.au


Thursday, March 4, 2010

drycleaning@work receives Industry Award

On Wednesday 3rd March my company drycleaning@work received an award from the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia (VIC) at the 2009 Excellence and Achievement awards and RMIT apprenticeship awards.

The award was presented to Jim Hudson, my father and owner of Master Dry Cleaners and drycleaning@work and was entitled 'New Streams of Income and Innovation'. The award was judged by an independent panel comprised of professionals from various industries.

We are very proud to receive this award as we are in out first year of operation and consider ourselves as an innovative pick and delivery dry cleaning service.

The night was held at the Glasshouse Caufield Taberet and was attended by around 50 people, including fellow drycleaners and suppliers and was hosted by Peter Hudson, President DIA (VIC).

Photos of the night to come.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coloured Shirt in the Whites. Relax

I see it happen all the time. A coloured shirt put into the wash with the whites. Everyone has done it, even yours truly.

But if it happens to you, dont lose hope, Dave the Drycleaner has the tools to fix the problem.

Recently I was given 5 white men's business shirts from a customer who had cleaned them in her washing machine along with a dark green tshirt. The results weren't great, with green dye all over her husband's shirts. The colloars and cuffs were pretty badly affected.

After inspecting the damage and using my knowledge of dye's and fabrics, I was able to solve the problem, by using a dye stripping agent and then placing the shirt in an optical brightnening agent and hot water for a little over and hour.

The results. Brilliant White, crisp and clean, saved from the brink of despair and ready to fight another day (in the comforts of an office maybe).


Dave the Dry Cleaner

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Unwritten Law of Drycleaning

Before continuing please check out the above hilarious clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Unwritten Law of Drycleaning.

Classic, Larry! But, seriously there is a perception getting around that if you get a garment from the drycleaner that is not yours, its cool to keep it. The perception is that sometimes you may lose a garment, and that is 'just how it is'. Win some, lose some. In this case Larry certainly lost.

Dave the Drycleaner is here to change that perception. Something that Larry David couldn't quite do.

Its not OK for a drycleaner to lose your garments. And if your drycleaner tries to tell you that, tell him to stick his unwritten law you know where. Losing a garment unfortunately happens in this line of work and should be taken seriously. It is a quite easy to place a business shirt or a pair of trousers on the wrong order. But rarely should that order go out to a customer with the wrong items on it and rarely does it actually happen.

Most reputable drycleaners use point-of-sale systems which contains info on all customers and all orders. So in any case, other customers can be contacted to see if they have accidentally received your garment.

If it cannot be found, most drycleaners will either replace the item, or pay a claim to an agreed amount, depending on factors such as depreciation etc.

My advice to everyone would be, If you receive a garment from your drycleaner that is not yours, return it to the drycleaner. They will usually offer you a credit note from your act of honesty and goodwill. Plus, think of all the extra Karma you will get. It could come in handy if the drycleaner loses something of yours.