Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The secret dairy of a dry cleaned trouser - The Price War

$3.50 is the normal price we would pay for a coffee. Far enough. Involved in this process are coffee beans, milk, a Batista, a coffee machine and a cup. It should take around 1 - 2 minutes to make. For $3.50, that’s a fair price.

$7 is the price drycleaning@work charge to dryclean a pair of trousers. That’s a fair price. But whats involved in drycleaning a pair of trousers? Firstly this price includes free pick up and delivery. So a driver and a van, firstly. The pants are then tagged. Tag and person to tag. They are then drycleaned. Drycleaning machine, solvent, 1 hour. They are the spotted for stains. Qualified and experience drycleaner/spotter, spotting chemicals. They are then pressed. Press, Experienced presser. Finally they are sorted, covered with plastice and delivered. Plastic, Van, Driver.

All that for just $7. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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