Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coloured Shirt in the Whites. Relax

I see it happen all the time. A coloured shirt put into the wash with the whites. Everyone has done it, even yours truly.

But if it happens to you, dont lose hope, Dave the Drycleaner has the tools to fix the problem.

Recently I was given 5 white men's business shirts from a customer who had cleaned them in her washing machine along with a dark green tshirt. The results weren't great, with green dye all over her husband's shirts. The colloars and cuffs were pretty badly affected.

After inspecting the damage and using my knowledge of dye's and fabrics, I was able to solve the problem, by using a dye stripping agent and then placing the shirt in an optical brightnening agent and hot water for a little over and hour.

The results. Brilliant White, crisp and clean, saved from the brink of despair and ready to fight another day (in the comforts of an office maybe).


Dave the Dry Cleaner