Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Convenience and lifestyle. Accept only the best

Life feels as though its getting busier and busier. Work demands are at an all time high, with most managers expecting people to work well beyond the usual 9 - 5. Its not unusual to hear of people working well past 9 at night, getting home and still receiving emails at home. There are more events to attend, footy finals, birthdays, weddings…. The list goes on, and summer is only around the corner!

This crazy life makes it all the more important to choose services that can suit your needs. Make things more convenient for you. Dry-cleaning is no exception. Most local drycleaners close at 6 on weeknights, and are open only til 2pm on Saturday and are not even open on Sundays. How can you expect to have your shirts laundered or suits cleaned when the only time you can get to the drycleaners is Saturday mornings… don’t you deserve a sleep in on the weekend?|

There are many drycleaning businesses in Melbourne that pick up and deliver from you work! Drycleaning At Work. And they will even charge it to your credit card and give you a personal laundry bag. All you need to do is leave it at reception. How’s that for convenience. The drycleaning price is also low.

Ask yourself 1 question. With such a busy lifestyle why do you run around town trying to drop in your drycleaning before 6 when a drycleaner can pick it up and deliver it to your work, Its Simple, Smart & Convenient.

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