Monday, April 12, 2010

Dry Clean Only. Do Wash. Do not Eat. Cool Iron. What?

Care labels are sn important tool for us drycleaners.
But occasionally some manufacturers can get it horribly wrong.

For example.
"Dry Clean only, Do not Wash, Do not Eat. Cool Iron"

Just in case you were wondering, YES, it said DO NOT EAT. Who would want to eat a floral silk dress I will never know.

An imitation unbranded fur jacket was labelled, 'Professional Furry Clean Only"

Some garments take on their own character. For example
"I am a delicate garment. Please take care of me"


"I have been hand stitched with only the finest cottons. Please hand wash me with care and dry clean me only if needed. But of course you already know that because your great"

Another great one : For best results, wash on a Tuesday"

I'd love to hear some great drycleaning stories (good or bad) or funy care labels.
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  1. Fun blog! I had a pair of pants brought in to the cleaners that had "do not dryclean" written with with a sharpie on the waistband. There is also the wedding label "merconian cleaning only". Completely bogus in my opinion!