Sunday, December 6, 2009

You shrunk it! Seinfeld Vs Dry Cleaning

If you can't be bothered watching the above video I'll explain on the brief. Seinfeld finds that his dry cleaner has shrink his shirt, enraging him. He then takes said shirt back to the store, where the dry cleaner denies any wrong doing. This is unfortunately a pretty common situation in the world of dry cleaning.

Most reputable dry cleaners read care labels before washing or dry cleaning a garment. Dry cleaners are duty bound to adhere to these care labels and clean the garment according to the instructions. Where confusion can occur is when a garment does not perform in the clean and is ruined / damaged.

The most common and generally first response is to blame the dry cleaner. In a lot of cases, yes, the dry cleaner is to blame. The garment may have been dry cleaned when it shouldn't have, or washed. It may have been washed or dry cleaned at high temperate when it shouldn't have.

But sometimes, and it happens a bit, fault cannot be directed to the dry cleaner or to Seinfeld.

Some garments are labelled prior to testing, meaning that the manufacture assumes that it will perform when dry cleaned, when in fact it won’t. Beading and trimming are often added to a garment after the care label has been made, meaning that the fabric is dry cleanable, but the beading, glues or trimming is not.

Reputable and professional dry cleaners should pick up on these things. But they can slip up. A handy tip if you are worried about an expensive or loved garment; is to take it to a dry cleaner, and have a chat about any risks that may occur during cleaning.


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