Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How To Choose a Dry Cleaner

Here's and handy drycleaning tip from an insider. When choosing a dry cleaner, do not let price be your major factor. Dry Cleaners prices vary, depending on the area, on the competition and also on the quality. Like with everything, you get what you pay for, and drycleaning is no exception.

Alot of dry cleaners, particularly chemist, milk bars, laundries, tailors offers dirt cheap 3 piece specials, which may look tempting, but a scratch underneath the surface and cracks start to appear. A number of the dry cleaning companies offering these 3 piece specials are using subpar equipment, including 'grey' re-used solvent, old and severely out dated pressing equipment and are lacking the training and experience necessary to perform an adequate service. They may do a good job at first, but over time they will end up damaging your garments.

These companies are charging such a cheap price because their business relies on bulk. But how much time is spent on each garment when they are only charging $13 - $14 for 3? Your garments may not being looked at or taken care of properly, and measures such as increased drying temperatures, double leg pressing of trousers and no spot cleaning whatsoever are being used.

Here's a tip, always try to take your dry cleaning to someone that is a member of the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia (DIA), which can be recognised by their blue logo.

There you can be sure that your garments will be taken care of by a professional, with years of training and experience. Surely it is worth paying a few extra dollars to look after your clothes.

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